So many talented nurses have been a part of my life. I have the privilege to call some of the special nurses I have had mentored over the years, my friends as well as colleagues. It is a joy to know them and see their growth as nurses and leaders dedicated to advancing our profession.

Yolanda Ogbolu

PhD, CRNP-Neonatal, FNAP, FAAN

Associate Professor, Partnerships, Professional Education, and Practice
University of Maryland, School of Nursing
Maryland (USA)

"Dr. Cipriano is an inspiring, humble and compassionate nurse leader who despite her busy schedule makes time to invest in future nurse leaders. I had the honor of being mentored by her, as my national mentor in the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Nurse Faculty Scholar program. Her deep listening, thoughtful guidance, and strategic sponsorship was instrumental to strengthening my capacity to be a resilient nurse leader who loves the nursing profession. I am grateful for her leadership and for her brilliant and collaborative light at the leadership table."

“For over 30 years Dr. Pam Cipriano has inspired me to be my best professional nurse self. I have known her as my graduate nursing administration professor, chief nursing officer, wise dissertation committee advisor, editor, network connector, mentor and friend. She always asks the right ‘what if’ questions and the most memorable, “Will this put you on the trajectory you envision?” As one of many (surely hundreds of) students Pam has mentored and encouraged, I count myself fortunate to have been influenced by a legendary leader who infuses purpose and joy into the important work of nursing.”

Laurie Zone-Smith, PhD, RN, NE-BC


Division Vice President
Clinical Education at HCA Healthcare NC Division
North Carolina (USA)

Katie Ann Blanchard


PhD Student, Nursing Science
University of Washington
Washington (USA)

“Dr. Pamela Cipriano's willingness to share her skills, knowledge, and expertise has been instrumental in shaping the person I am today. Pam has shown unparalleled dedication to helping me achieve my goals and grow me as a nurse. She is an exemplary role model, and I am so thankful to have her mentorship.”

"The most important thing Pam's mentorship has done for me is reinforced the importance and responsibility to speak up and reach out to influential people. The first time seeing her chair the Membership Assembly for the American Nurses Association several years ago, I remember remarking at how good she was at listening and summarizing everything she heard around the topic. With every interaction we've had since, I've walked away better equipped and empowered because of this same skill. Her willingness and availability for mentorship over the years has impacted my community too - it's not just been individualized career advice or strategy she imparts, but character building. For example, in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic I remember washing between feelings of hope, panic, and despair, but her support, her willingness to really listen to one ICU nurse out of the millions in the world she represents has reinforced my resiliency to continue advocating for my colleagues, our patients, and the families we care for."

Ryan Bannan


ICU Travel nurse
Georgia (USA)

Abaneh Ebangwese


Intrastaff RN, Johns Hopkins Hospital
Maryland (USA)

"My name is Abaneh Ebangwese and I had the most fortunate privilege of meeting Dr. Pamela Cipriano as an undergraduate (BSN) nursing student. Very early on she garnered my respect and admiration, not just because of her numerous accomplishments throughout her nursing career, but through her sincerity and genuineness to help a fellow nurse in need. She has helped and mentored me through some of my toughest transitions in my nursing career and years later, even with her busy schedule, she continues to encourage and support selflessly. I am proud to call her a mentor and look forward to her leading the way for new opportunities to be paved for nurses worldwide."

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